So what do you care, right?  Just gimme a lump of sugar to shove in my mouth!

My friends, like any other item that might take a moment to appreciate, I believe cupcakes too tiptoe between the kitsch 6-year-old birthday and the stunning culinary art worthy of the finest affairs.

That said, I’m not a fancy girl.  I like to keep true to the origins of things.  That means I like to use natural ingredients that feel good to eat and cupcake wrappers/toppers that don’t get in the way of the first bite.  I believe in a healthy marriage between toppings/fillings and cake, working a playful harmony to hit the g-pot on your tongue.  And undoubtedly, they should make you smile!

Dean and Lars make friends with Hazelnut Mocha

So what cupcakes have achieved these feats? My favorite by far has been that of a young lady working an order-based business in good ‘ol PDX. I know her as Lisa Clark with the moniker Petunia’s pies and pastries.  Her sweet little business cardlists her email as  I highly suggest you send her an order when you visit Oregon.  She was selling at the Alberta Art Walk, a monthly community street fair.  Lisa’s cupcake was a classic pairing of fruits with the gentle whip of frosting leaving a rim of golden cupcake peaking out.  The cupcake was a delicious and soft (VEGAN!!!!) lemon and elderberry with an edible impatient on top of a beautiful of white frosting.  My apologies for not offering a better picture…  It was ALL the things I wish for in a cupcake!

Eat ME

up close:DSCN1747


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